Food is a universal language. Many people who have differences of backgrounds, of cultures and of history, come together for food. There is no better peace-maker than food and it is something that has the power to unite even the greatest enemies. There are different types of food and dining experiences that are popular in all nations. There is fine-dining, there is takeout and then there is street food. It would not be incorrect to say that if you really want to experience the best cultural food in any country, street food is the way to do it. Street food is the best representation of the culture of any country and the truest local values. If you’re travelling to any country, the most effective way to get to know the local people and the heritage of the certain country is through its food. In this article, we will be looking at how tourists and locals alike have developed a greater liking for street food in recent years and how street food vendors have responded to the increase in demand.  

In recent years, aside from tourists, the locals have also developed the love for street food. Let’s face it, street food is delicious, its unique and its cheap. Street food can feed four people in the price of one at a good restaurant. This is one of the most important reasons why people prefer to eat street food than an expensive meal in any restaurant. Why spend so much on a mere serving when you can have a tummy full in the quarter of the price.

Another major reason why people have shifted more towards consuming street food is the transparency. This is true because on the streets, they have open cooking displays and you can clearly see exactly what you is going into your meal. In a restaurant, on the other hand, you have no idea what is going on behind the closed doors and there is no way of knowing for sure. Taking some notes from the show “Gordon’s Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares”, it is always best to have your food cooked right in front of you than in a closed kitchen.

As mentioned before, the street food of any country is what truly represents their culture and their true cuisine. Unlike the food served in fancy restaurants, street food is not mellowed down until everything tastes the same. Street food is as real as it gets. Additionally, eating street food is a great way to interact with the locals and to give back to the country you’re living in. Eating street food has the power to transform the lives of the ones making and selling it.

Now that we’ve looked at a few reasons why people should eat street food, let’s look at a few reasons why they prefer street food oved other dining experience and how the dynamic has shifted in recent years.

Due to the spread of awareness and the widespread use of the internet, street food vendors have learnt the art of attracting more and more customers. They have managed to do this by making sure they counter the most important concern about street food; the hygiene. More and more street vendors are now careful about how they prepare the food and many have actually adopted a very smart of presenting their food; by preparing it right there in front of the customers. By countering the only ever major concern that people had towards street food, there is not much that stops people now from buying cheaper and more delicious food.

Moreover, in countries in Europe, the weather outdoors is enjoyable almost throughout the year and this is what many people prefer enjoying. Therefore, street food is the ultimate option to eat healthy, delicious food while also enjoying the outdoors. In countries like Germany, even during Christmas time when snow is falling and the weather is freezing, people still prefer to walk around in the cold sipping beer and enjoying hot chocolate while having a time of their lives under the Christmas lights.

Let’s take another example of Italy. The street food of Italy is world renowned for its representation of the country’s culture and heritage. While it is popular opinion that the dining experience of Italy is one of the best in the world, the street food is also one of the best. The popular food item served on the streets of Italy is the Piadina. This is a flat piece of roasted bread served with a cheese filling. It is perhaps the greatest snack you can have on the go while sitting in the park or walking around the street enjoying the views all around.

Similar to how you can see exactly what is being used to prepare your meal, you can also choose what you want to be added into your meal. This allows for a greater choice as the possible items you need in your meal are also displayed in front of you. This is a feature that you might not find in a restaurant dining experience while also paying a much greater price for it.

In conclusion, the dining experience of people all over the world and especially Europe has changed from indoor dining to street food because street food has become more hygienic. It offers you a greater variety of choice and the food is prepared right in front of your eyes. Customers looking for a memorable and fun experience prefer street food because it allows them to enjoy their surroundings while treating their taste buds to the truest forms of local food that represents the city’s culture and heritage in the best possible way.

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